Why volunteer

Gillian McMullenMAKE A DIFFERENCE - ‘My driving force is to work towards a day when people take responsibility for the moggy. If the branch can help one tiny kitten, one injured cat or neuter one feral then together we have made a difference.’
Gillian McMullen, Armagh Branch, Co-ordinator.

FEEL GOOD – ‘I volunteer as a kitten fosterer for Cats Protection Adoption Centre, Bridgend, because I find it so rewarding after receiving a litter of tiny sickly kittens, who look as if they have no chance of survival, to return them to the centre all fit and healthy and ready to go to their new homes. Who needs to be paid to get that kind of feeling!  I certainly don't.’
Sue John, Bridgend Adoption Centre, Cat Fosterer.

‘Volunteering for Cats Protection is a fun and rewarding experience, particularly if you have a skill that would benefit the charity Sue Johnor would like to develop new skills by taking on a fresh challenge. Our volunteers gain a great deal of satisfaction helping cats get a second chance in life.’
Majorie Gay, Tenterden branch, Co-ordinator.
HAPPY ENDINGS‘It is fab to be part of a team who creates so many happy endings.’
Julia Dallosso, Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey, Secretary.
NEW SKILLS – ‘Being Coordinator has helped me not only expand my knowledge and understanding of cats and their welfare, but has enabled me to utilise and develop "people skills" such as communication, teambuilding and motivation. I have also made some wonderful friends!'Claire Goodwin
Mary Wood, Cheltenham branch, Co-ordinator.

ADMIRE – ‘I thoroughly enjoy seeing a group from diverse backgrounds working together to achieve a common goal. I also greatly admire the volunteers that sacrifice their time to make a change.’
Claire Goodwin, Community Education Officer, West England, Wales and Northern Ireland.